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And, just like you, I have struggled to figure out how to have a business that makes money and allows me to pursue my passion. Unlike other photographers, I have always made money and paid bills with my photography, but for years it was a struggle.

I tried making my photos look high end and just hoping that if my photos were good enough, that people would come running. When they didn’t, I tried every type of marketing I could to scrounge together clients each month to make just enough to cover my living expenses. But the cost of all that effort was my happiness. My passion for photography faded over the years and after a while, every fall I would ask myself if this was the year to quit (or rather, “Is this the year I get a real job?”).

Seriously, I’ve tried everything. I couldn’t understand why one person could have such success with things like school auctions or wedding expos and I couldn’t get anywhere with them. I felt like I was failing over and over again that I would never succeed. The reality was that I was failing, and that was a good thing.

Then something changed. My husband broke his back and I got very serious about changing my business. I knew that if he didn't recover that I would be the one paying ALL of our bills, not just half. That fear forced me to streamline everything in my business and to take the actions I should have taken from the beginning to be profitable.

I am a photographer just like you.

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I decided that I would try for one year to be the very best business person I could be, not just the best photographer. I invested in the right education for one year. I took educational classes from the best people in multiple industries to advance my business skills. I learned how to structure and market my business to get high end clients that love me. After learning a few key things I needed to implement, everything changed. I've been booked out with my ideal client ever since, even in a pandemic.

Before I found my way to success, I struggled. There were times where I had too many sessions to shoot and edit and I was never home. There were also times where I spent tons of money on the wrong marketing knowing, desperately trying to get clients in my door, but not knowing what would work best for me.

I was tired of missing my kids, running out during dinner to shoot, just to come home and stay up until 1 am trying to edit as quick as I could before running out again the next day for another shoot. I had to keep shooting so I wouldn’t run out of money. I was photographing my friends for for free to boost my portfolio, and others for cheap to just keep money coming in.

I loved photography, but doing it as a business made me feel like a failure everyday.

I was tired of missing my kids and worrying where the money was coming from.

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I had clients and I was making money. I was paying my bills and people seemed to love me and my photos, but I wasn't staying booked with the right clients. I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought I had to keep doing what others were doing in order to have success. I kept hearing that others were making money and I thought I was the failure.

Something inside of me kept saying, don’t give up yet, but how could I not?

I was giving up watching my children grow and actually being present with them because I was too worried I wouldn’t make money that month. I was tired. I was overwhelmed.

I was so ready to give up and get a REAL job. And I very much wanted to give up.

I had no hope that I would be able to do what I loved and make money. 

But then things changed. 

I was ready to give up and get a real job.

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I realized that my failure wasn’t all my fault. Or rather, it wasn't about me, but what I was not doing. I found mentors in different industries who showed me that I was going about my business the wrong way.

You are not alone. I was creating a business that I wasn't passionate about, that didn't help me live the life I wanted and that cost me my happiness. When I finally understood what REALLY needed to do to change things, it happened. I created a business around me and my passion that is profitable.

I really can pay all our bills with just my income now if I need to. Instead, I take my family to Disneyland each year AND on a vacation abroad every year. It only took me one year to find my ideal clients everyday. I love to turn away the wrong clients now and I don't worry about where clients will come from because I have ideal clients coming in my door everyday.

Now I can prioritize time with my family and time for myself without the underlying fear "where will I get my next client and my next pay day".

Let me teach you what I know. Let me help you get the freedom you crave and the life you dream of.

But then things changed.

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I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and have created a profitable family photography business. I also photograph weddings and headshots, but I do those for fun! I have been in business for 15 years and have come to love photographing my clients. But I truly believe I was meant to teach.

Something lights up inside me when I work with other artists to help them find their way in the crazy world of business. I LOVE teaching others and have been mentoring students for 2 years now! I also guest spoke at a college class and taught a high school film class this year, all while dealing with Covid-19 and having the busiest and most profitable year in my photography business. I want my students to find success even in the middle of a pandemic.

I really am passionate about helping you! It is what I was created to do."


I love teaching photographers like you, the few tweaks that you need to make to have the lifestyle you've been dreaming of. I want every photographer to have the life-changing results that I have had.

I want you to have the freedom of running a profitable photography business you love!

"Hi photographer friends! I'm Kellianne Jordan. I'm so excited you are here! I am passionate about helping photographers understand the foundations of creating a successful and profitable photography business.

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